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  1. It is tough. You have to work hard to pass these kind of tests.
  2. This job is not NTS Test based job I think so. But it can be because every government sector in Pakistan is getting test through NTS Test Results.
  3. What do you think is better or best between Islam and Christianity What to Follow and Why? Give some references if you can.
  4. kelly008

    Your Favourite Game is ............. ??

    Cricket. I love to play and watch cricket.
  5. Very nice. You are doing a really good job the way you described all this is awesome.
  6. kelly008

    NTS Call Center

    It is a good step to facilitate candidates. I really apriciate this decion.
  7. Wow. It is really good for students. I am going to tell my friends about this. Thanks.
  8. Very nice and helpful meterial it is.
  9. NTS is getting famous day by in Pakistan and you are doing a wonderful job. Thanks.
  10. Wow it looks awesome this post is really. This is the pattern that most of the NTS test will have I think so.
  11. Now that is really helpful. Good information for NTS victims.
  12. Really a good work. Thanks.
  13. kelly008

    NTS NAT III 2014 Registration Form

    Nothing found. "The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable."