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    test center change

    Usually they don't change candidates exam Center, But you have to try. Write an application in which you have to describe your issue to Operation Manager and Fax it on Fax: +92-51-8444900/ +92-51-8444964 If they got your application on time and take it seriously than they will call you and tell you more information in this Perspective.
  2. I have heard the news related to patching up Punjab Examination Commission services of facilitating fifth and eight grade related things. I don't know is this step is in favor of our kids or not, this will be relief for parent if you think about it, because when a kid failed its very disappointing his/her mentor and guardians. I hope everything go with the flow and no one get effected from this anticipation of last time 5th and 8th class Results announcements. Here below are the links where you can easily search your 8th Class Result 2019 and 5th Class Result 2019. If you are looking for results search according to district cities than below you can see a table in which you can go to your desired page where All PEC 5th Class Result 2019 and PEC 8th Class Result 2019 will be shown.
  3. Here i am leaving some links through which you can get bise lahore board 12th class result 2018 updates within no time. Facebook and other services of getting result on your mobile phone via single text from your cell phone, Get 12th Class Result 2018 from this given link and type your name in search bar than click on Search Button, it will redirect you on your 12th class result page even get notifications through BISE Lahore Board Facebook fan page. I personally think other educational board also do some invariable tasks through which all over the Punjab Higher Educational boards can feel, that they have done some inimitable work for board. Total 9 boards covers all districts of Punjab Province of Pakistan. Here below is the list of all nine boards, if any of you folks wana look into other boards updates than take a look from these links. 12th Class Result Bahawalpur Board Inter Part 2 Check Online 12th Class Result DG Khan Board Inter Part 2 Check Online 12th Class Result Faisalabad Board Inter Part 2 Check Online 12th Class Result Gujranwala Board Inter Part 2 Check Online 12th Class Result Lahore Board Inter Part 2 Check Online 12th Class Result Multan Board Inter Part 2 Check Online 12th Class Result Rawalpindi Board Inter Part 2 Check Online 12th Class Result Sahiwal Board Inter Part 2 Check Online 12th Class Result Sargodha Board Inter Part 2 Check Online Best of luck all the students of 12th class, if you have any thoughts on this post, please share with me, so i can explain things to you guys.
  4. All Punjab Educational boards ready to announce SSC (Secondary School Certificate) part I within these last days of Aug 2018. Total 9 boards are controlling 34 districts of Punjab Province in Pakistan. Here below is the list of educational boards along with their official web links. 20 Aug 2018 9th Class Result 2018 Rawalpindi Board Online www.biserawalpindi.edu.pk Rawalpindi... 20 Aug 2018 9th Class Result 2018 Sahiwal Board Online www.bisesahiwal.edu.pk Sahiwal... 20 Aug 2018 9th Class Result 2018 Faisalabad Board Online www.bisefsd.edu.pk Faisalabad... 20 Aug 2018 9th Class Result 2018 Multan Board Online www.bisemultan.edu.pk Multan... 20 Aug 2018 9th Class Result 2018 DG Khan Board Online www.bisedgkhan.edu.pk DG Khan... 21 Aug 2018 9th Class Result 2018 Bahawalpur Board Online www.bisebwp.edu.pk Bahawalpur... 20 Aug 2018 9th Class Result 2018 Sargodha Board Online www.bisesargodha.edu.pk Sargodha... 20 Aug 2018 9th Class Result 2018 Gujranwala Board Online www.bisegrw.edu.pk Gujranwala... 20 Aug 2018 9th Class Result 2018 Lahore Board Online www.biselahore.com Lahore... You can also check your 9th class result via this link from you have to choose your educational board and click on it seeing 9th class annual exams search bar for entering your roll number.
  5. After the official announcement of BISE Lahore Board of annual examination of matriculation 2018, the date which Lahore educational board decided for the online result is Saturday, July 21, 2018. Now political party supporters can go against PMLN due to unfair marking in "bise lahore matric result", well its your right to protest against wrong decision. 10th class students of Lahore board have few days left of enjoyment, because after the 10th class result announcement students worried about intermediate challenges and it was new era for them which the face very happily,1 thing please keep in mind. “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” please spend your time in collages very efficiently and carefully, because when this time passed you won't get a chance to get it back. I hope you all students get what you looking for.
  6. Things you need for the completion of USB password Protection Flash Drive (Pen Drive) Windows 10 Operating System Follow these steps and you will end up protecting your USB drive. Attach your USB Drive. Right Click On Selected USB Drive. Select "Turn BitLocker on". Check "Use a password to unlock this drive". Enter your Password than Click "Next". Now Choose where you want to save recovery key (recommended: "Save to a File"). Select Path than Click on "Next". Select "Encrypt entire Drive (slower but best for PCs and drives already in use)". Select "Compatible mode (best for drives that can be moved from this device)". Click on "Start encrypting". NOTE: it will take some time according to your Flash Drive space and data. Source: How to Make USB Flash Drive/Pen Drive Password Protected
  7. Information Technology University of the Punjab (Admission Test) To Download Application Form (BS Program) : Click Here To Download Application Form (MS Program) : Click Here To View Advertisement : Click Here To Download Sample Papers (BS Program) : Click Here To Download Sample Papers (MS Program) : Click Here Last Date For Application Submission : Monday, 4th August 2014 Test Date : Saturday, 16th August 2014 Contents for BS-EE and BS-CS are : English Analytical Quantitative Subject Knowledge 20% 20% 20% 40% (Math, Physics, CS) Contents for MS-CS are : Part I: 2 Hours English Analytical Quantitative 45% 35% 20% Part Il: 1 Hour Computer Science : 50
  8. May you understand this. 1 inch = 2.54 cm Therefore 2 inch = 5.08 cm On a regular screen there are 72 pixels per inch. This is usually written as 72ppi. So 2 inches have 144 pixels. 1 inch = 72 pixels Therefore 2 inches = 144 pixels So when you do that math: 2 x 2 sq. inches = 144 x 144 sq. pixels = 20736 sq. pixels And if you are looking for dimensions: 2 x 2 inch image = 144 pixel x 144 pixel image In MS Word 2007 Open Word. Insert your Photo by clicking on Insert Button on left top. Right click on photo than select 2nd last option “Size” after this a small window pop-up in width and height enter 2” in both. Copy that picture and paste it into paint. Resize it. Save it. Upload it on GAT registration form online Or some where else where you want to. we will make it more easy and understandable for you people by adding some pictorial representation of current problem. You can also make you photo passport size. Online system we here launch soon. Stay with us.
  9. Another most asked Query by NTS NAT Candidates and this this certain that candidates got confused because they don't know the alternate way to come over this phase. Here we are providing you full detailed information regarding this problem and we will entertain further queries if you have after careful reading. This is for NTS candidates those are in need of Result card on urgent basis. Step 1: Go to NTS Online Result Note: If you don't know how to go at particular test that you have been appeared. Than click here for previous result "NTS NAT Test Result" Step 2: Search Your Result Card Through "Please Enter Roll No. or CNIC" Step 3: Take a print of Your Result Card Note: if you are confused that how to take a print of your result card because they haven't mentioned their about taking a print, than simple take a "screen shot" and past it on your "Paint" and save it. Step 4: Attach it with your documents Note: They will accept your result card. best of Luck all the students or candidates of NTS NAT Test...
  10. Here below is the solution of your problems of Analytical Reasoning Questions. I have gathered this solution for you from different sites and now its in one place. Best of Luck all the candidates. How to Solve | Learn Analytical Reasoning Questions in Test | Quiz • The term "analytic reasoning" refers to recognizing patterns and connections in a variety of information. • Each analytical reasoning question is a logical puzzle, based on a given set of conditions • Analytical reasoning questions are presented in groups of four or five questions. Each group is based on a short passage followed by a set of conditions. • Analytical Reasoning test measures your ability to analyze and to draw result from a complex situation by applying your logic. • Analytical Reasoning questions are designed to assess the ability to consider a group of facts and rules, and, given those facts and rules, determine what could or must be true. The specific scenarios associated with these questions are usually unrelated to law, since they are intended to be accessible to a wide range of test takers. However, the skills tested parallel those involved in determining what could or must be the case given a set of regulations, the terms of a contract, or the facts of a legal case in relation to the law. In Analytical Reasoning questions, you are asked to reason deductively from a set of statements and rules or principles that describe relationships among persons, things, or events. • Analytical Reasoning questions appear in sets, with each set based on a single passage. The passage used for each set of questions describes common ordering relationships or grouping relationships, or a combination of both types of relationships. Examples include scheduling employees for work shifts, assigning instructors to class sections, ordering tasks according to priority, and distributing grants for projects. • Analytical Reasoning questions test a range of deductive reasoning skills. These include: • Comprehending the basic structure of a set of relationships by determining a complete solution to die problem posed (for example, an acceptable seating arrangement of all six diplomats around a table) • Reasoning with conditional ("if-then") statements and recognizing logically equivalent formulations of such statements • Inferring what could be true or must be true from given facts and rules • Inferring what could be true or must be true from given facts and rules together with new information in the form of an additional or substitute fact or rule • Recognizing when two statements are logically equivalent in context by identifying a condition or rule that could replace one of the original conditions while still resulting in the same possible outcomes Analytical reasoning Types • Seating Arrangements • Sequencing • Combinations • Comparisons • Selections • Ranking • Relations • Grouping Techniques used for Analytical problem solving • Van Diagrams • Math Operators • Line up representation • Equations • Table representation • Diagrams & Notations • Basic Linear Sequence Game set up • If then Notation: • Grouping Game Diagrams Math Symbols Any good diagramming system must be: • Fast - You must be able to express ideas in shorthand to save time • Neat - messy notations will cost You points • Easy to Understand —You must instantly understand what your notations mean 1: Entities • One of the first steps in setting up your diagram is write down a letter or number to represent each of your entities. Each game will have a list of entities that will be placed into an order or groups or both. Start by writing down this list of entities. For example: you are told that there are 5 different clogs in a race and they are a Labrador, Mixed Breed, Newfoundland, Poodle, and a Schauzer. Record this list of entities as follows: • L M N P S • Notice that we only used one letter for Mixed Breed. There is no sense in confusing yourself with additional letters. Keep it to one letter per entity. Also notice that the entities are given in alphabetical order. However, they will often leave our a letter or two to confuse you. Some students will unwittingly insert that letter by force of habit. For example in this question many students might just add in the letter O because the are used to O following L M N. Make sure your list of entities matches those given. • Now that we have our list of entities we can move on to the diagram itself. 2: Basic Linear Sequence Game set up • A Linear Sequence Game will ask you to place a set of entities in order. This could be expressed in a number of ways including: 1st to 6th, First to Last, Monday to Friday, Top to Bottom, Front to Back, etc. • In order to make a place for each entity in your diagram simply lout an underline for each space where an entity will go. So if we are told to list five dogs in order from fastest to slowest we can set up our game as follows: • ____ _____ _____ _____ ______ • We now have 5 spots for our 5 dogs. If you want you could put F and S at the ends of the diagram to represent that it goes from Fastest to Slowest. This is usually not necessary and can waste time when you are re-drawing your diagram. If you chose to include this extra notation make sure that the F and S do not match any of your entities. For example if you had a Schnauzer as one of your dog types you would not want to have S for Schauzer and S for slowest. One way you can avoid this is to put the f and s for fast and slow in lower case. 3: Fixed Entity • If we are told that an entity is placed in one spot then we can just fill that directly into the diagram. This is the easiest type of rule to include. For example if we are told that the Schnauzer will be 3rd fastest then we can include it as follows: • Not in that spot: If we are told that a particular entity does not go in a particular spot we should add that directly to our diagram by putting the entity under that spot and designating that it does not go there. There are number of ways to designate that the entity does not go there. You can put a slash through it, or put — in front of the entity. Find one that works best for you. For example if we are told the the Poodle is not the fastest dog we can include it in our diagram as follows: 4: Here or There Pair notation: • This notation is used when two entities are going to fill two spots but we don't know which entity is in which spot. For example if K and T must be in spots 2 and 3. We know we either have K in 2 and T in 3 or T in 2 and K in 3. • The way to express this with the Here or There Pair notation is as follows: 5: If then Notation • Use an arrow ====> for If then statements. Just rewrite the if then statement replacing If and then with ====> arrows. Also remember to shorten the entity to the first letter. • For example the statement: If Albert is included then Bert is also included. Can be expressed as: • ====> A ====> B 6: Spots Between notation: • If we are told that entities are a specific number of spots apart simply insert that many blank lines between them. For example: Two runners come after Sarah but before Fred. Can be expressed as S ____ _____ F • This can be combined with the Here or There Pair notation. •Example: Two runners come between Sarah and Fred. S/F ____ ____ F/S Example: 1 • 7 persons live in a street, having houses in line. Consider the following: 1. A lives in the corner's house. 2. 2. C is between E and G 3. 3. There is 1 house between D and F 4. 4. F is neighbor of G s. 5. There are two houses between A and G Solution 7 Persons A,B,C,D,E,F,G • 7 persons live in a street We can make X X X X X X X 1.A lives in the corner's house So, there are two possibilities: A X X X X X X X X X X X X A 2. C is between E and G Here, also two possibilities: E C G G C E 3. There is 1 house between D and F Two possibilities: D X F F X D 4. F is neighbor of G 2 possibilities F G or G F There are two houses between A and G A X X G G X X A Two houses between A and G: A X X G C is between E and G: A E C G F is neighbor of G: A E C G F 1 house between D and F : A E C G F X D And finally: A E C G F B D Example: 2 • As part of their sports physical, seven college athletes F, G, H, I,J, K and L are being weighed. In announcing the results of the physical exams, the coach has given the following information. i. None of the athletes is exactly the same weight as another athlete. ii: K is heavier than L, but lighter than H. iii. I is heavier than J iv. Both F and G are heavier than H. Solution • We Can Make Such relations from Given Information 1: Seven College athletes are F G H I J K L i. None of the athletes is exactly the same weight as another athlete. So we can represent as F > G > H > I > J > K > L ii: K is heavier than L, but lighter than H. H > K > L iii: I is heavier than J : I > J iv. Both F and G are heavier than H. F > G > H OR G > F > H • So the overall relation for Given athlete becomes H > K > L F > G > H > k > L OR G > F > H > k > L Where I > J can be adjusted anywhere in Above relations Any Single Athlete or more can be possible between I & J Such as I > F > J, I > J > G, I > H > K > J • Question. 1: Each of the following could be true EXCEPT A. F is the heaviest. B. G is the heaviest. C. I is the heaviest. D. More than three athletes are heavier than K. E. More than three athletes are lighter than K. • Answer is E • As Maximum three athletes can be lighter than K • F > G > H > k > L > I > J OR G > F > H > k > L > I > J • Question.2: Which of the following, if true, would be sufficient to determine which athlete is the lightest? A. I is the heaviest B. I is lighter than K C. K is heavier than J D. J is heavier than K E. Exactly five students are lighter than F. • Answer is D • If J is heavier than K then simply L will be the Lightest • F > G > H > k > L OR G > F > H > k > L and I > J before K. • Question. 3: If J is heavier than F, how many different rankings by weight, of the athletes are possible? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 E. 5 • Answer is D • As F > G > H > k > L OR G > F > H > k > L & I > J > F • If J > F then following relations can be possible • I > J > F > G > H > k > L • I > J > G > F > H > k > L • I > G > J > F > H > K > L • G > I > J > F > H > K > L • Question. 4: If H is heavier than I, which of the following CANNOT be true? A. I's weight is equal to the average of F's weight and G's weight. B. I's weight is equal to the average of K's weight and L's weight C. J's weight is equal to the average of K's weight and L's weight D. J is the second lightest. Answer is A As H > I so possible relations can be F > G > H > k > I > L > J OR G > F > H > I > k > J > L May this information help you out.. if this is helpful than please share it with other social web sites.
  11. 1: Fee commonwealth general scholarship 2014? Ans: 800 PkR 2: I have master degree in international relations(16 years) and my ielets is not clear.am i eligible for the mentioned scholarship. Ans: YES you are eligible. 3: One having 2nd division in academic career, can be considered? Ans: Yes, but you need to get good score in test to compete for scholarship. Scholarship shortlisting is purely based on test score. after shortlisting. your academics will be counted. and 2nd division is not a big deal don't worry. 4: candidates having second division in masters and bachelors are eligible for this scholarship? Ans: Yes they are eligible. 5: we required to serve for 5 years after completing ph.d Ans: yes after PhD you have to serve for 5 years in Pakistan. 6: Is this scholarship through HEC? Ans: Its not through HEC, its through IPC. 7: I want to ask is this scholarship open for all subjects? Ans: yes, its for all subjects. if your field of study is offered by UK Universities than you can get admission in any uni of UK. yes, after passing common wealth NTS test you have to pass IELTS with 6.5 band. 8: Could one apply for any field of study, other than his previous subject of Graduation Ans: There is no restriction on your field of choice. It just depends on how do you prepare your application in-lined with the development of your country... 9: Can engineers apply? for MS Electrical Engineering? Ans: Yes, engineering is among the applied sciences and a favorite field for the scholarship. 10: How can I upload pic on my Commonwealth scholarship program? And: Two photographs are required in total.
  12. Ministry of Defence (MOD) Pakistan NTS Entry Test Preparation Guides | Books The previous paper of 2010 the test comprised of 2 papers i. CA/PA paper - Purely Subjective ii. Maths+Eng+CA+PA+Isl+GK - 100 Marks MCQs paper. But as this time, NTS is going to take test so may be it will be a bit different. So, we will have to wait for the official announcement of Paper pattern and syllabus. Since, test is on 2 March 2014 (as mentioned on NTS website). 1. Islamic Studies MCQs by Imtiaz Shahid 2. Caravan GK MCQs (All subjects combo) 3. IndoPak+PA MCQs by Sohail Bhatti 4. EDS MCQs by Rab Nawaz Samo. For maths portion study and practice jehangir's Gat book. English is a vast subject anything can be asked from anywhere but you must have knowledge about sentences,basic grammar rules etc. For English and Mathematics GRE Book will be useful for test. I think the test pattern will cover the following subjects: English Basic Arithmetic Analytical reasoning GK (CA, EDS, PA) referring aptitude book of carvan series..and nts dogar book ...and also papering for essay and current affair paper it is possibility they might take subjective test
  13. Quantitative • The Quantitative section measures your basic mathematical skills, concepts and the ability to solve problems in a quantitative setting. • Problem solving techniques, Short cut methods and formulas • Basic knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, Expressions, variables finding Question Types • Age problems • Work hours problems • Clock angles and Sector area • Algebraic expressions • Speed distance problems • Fractions & Percentages • Range, mean, Mod • Simple Geometry problems • Basic Arithmetic • Probability • Ratios • Profit, Discount problems • Equation solving for Variables Quantitative Sections Formulas • Speed Distance and Time Distance = Speed * Time Example: If a man running at 15 kmph passed a bridge in 9 seconds, what is the length of the bridge? Solution: As S=v*t Length=(15*1000/ 3600)*9=37. 5m ------------------------------------ • Mean Value • The mean average is not always a whole number. • The mean is the total of the numbers divided by how many numbers there are. • To work out the mean: • Add up all the numbers. 7 + 9 + 11 +6+13 + 6 + 6 + 3 + 11 = 72 • Divide the answer by how many numbers there are. There are 9 numbers. 72 / 9 = 8 So the mean value is 8. ------------------------------------------- • Mode Value • The mode is the value that appears the most. • 7 9 11 6 13 6 6 3 11 • To work out the mode: • Put the numbers in order: 3 6 6 6 7 9 11 11 13 • Look for the number that appears the most. 6 appears more than any other number. So the mode value is 6. ----------------------------------------- • Median value • The median is the middle value. • To work out the median: • Put the numbers in order: 3 6 6 6 7 9 11 11 13 • The number in the middle of the list is the median. So the median value is 7. • If there are two middle values, the median is halfway between them. Work out the median for this set of numbers: • 3 6 6 6 7 8 9 11 11 13 • There are two middle values, 7 and 8. The median is halfway between 7 and 8, so the median is 7.5. -------------------------------------- • Range • The range is the difference between the biggest and the smallest number. • To work out the range: • Put the numbers in order: 3 6 6 6 7 9 11 11 13 • Subtract the smallest number from the biggest number: 13 - 3 = 10 So the range of this set of numbers is 10. -------------------------------------- • Sum of given Series Sum = ((First Term+ Last Term) /2 )* Number of Terms Example: • .what is the avg of first 20 multiples of 7? So series for first 20 multiples of 7 is 7,14,21......41 • Sum=((7+140)/2)*20 • Sum=73.5*20 • We have to find avg so • Avg=73.5*20/20=73.5 -------------------------------------------- • Probability Probability that event A occurs P(A) = n(A) / n(S). where n(A) - number of event occurs in A n(S) - number of possible outcomes Example: What is the probability of sum 9 on both of two dice when rolled together? Solution: Total outcomes for two dices=6*6=36 Events whose sum is 9 are (3,6),(6,3),(4,5),(5,4)=4 Probability of sum 9=4/36=1/9 • Marble Size, Number of Marbles Example: • Marble size is 20cm*30cm. How many marbles are required to cover a square with side 3m? • 3m= 300cm • Area of Square=300*300 • No of marbles=Area /Marble size • =300*300/ 20*30= 150 ------------------------------------------------ • LOG PROPERTIES • 1) Multiplication inside the log can be turned into addition outside the log • Log(x.y)=log x+logy • 2) Division inside the log can be turned into subtraction outside the log • Log(x/y)=logx - logy • 3) An exponent on everything inside a log can be moved out front as a multiplier • In x^2=21n x • In e=1 ------------------------------------------- • Clock hands and Angles • Angle traced by hour hand in 12 hrs = 360°. • Angle traced by minute hand in 60 min. = 360°. Example: • 5:35 express hour hand in degree? • As 12 Sectors on clock=360 degree • 5*30+30*35/60=150+17.5=167.5 degrees ------------------------------------------- • WORK SHARE • Amount of Work/Time=Output(Rate) Example: • A can do a piece of work in 4 hours; B and C together can do it in 3 hours, while A and C together can do it in 2 hours. How long will B alone take to do it? • A=1/4 • B+C=1/3 • A+C=1/2 • C=1/2 - 1/4=1/4 • B=1/3 - 1/4=1/12 • So B alone will do in 12 hours. ---------------------------------------------- • AGE PROBLEM • Example: • If father is double the age of his son. 20 years ago he was 12 times that of son. What is the age of father now? • F=2S • F-20=12(S-20) • 2S-20=12S-240 • 10S=220 • S=22 • F=2S=44 ------------------------------------------------ • Percentage % SHARE • A company sell three types of mobiles worth 100, 125, and 225. It sold equal no. of all mobiles. What is the percent share of cheapest mobile? • Total=100+125+225=450 Share of cheapest mobile= 100*100/450=22.22% ----------------------------------------------- • Consumer math formulas: Discount = list price * discount rate Sale price = list price - discount Discount rate = discount - list price Sales tax = price of item * tax rate Interest = principal * rate of interest * time Commission = cost of service * commission rate • Loss = C.P — S.P • Gain% = Gain* 100 / C.P • Loss % = Lost* 1 00 / C. P --------------------------------------------- • Sector Area • Sector Area=pi* r^2*angle Example: A clock's minute hand is 10cm long. What area it will cover from 9:00am to 9:35am? • Solution: r=10 cm Area=pi* r^2* angle Area=3.14*10*10*(7/12) Area=183.3 cm^2 Note: for 35 minute, minute hand position will be at 7 angle with position as 7/12 or angle= 210/360 ------------------------------------------------- • Solving Expressions Example: What is the value of x? If 3^ (1+x) + 5*3^x -8=0 Solution: 3 * 3^x +5 * 3^x=8 3^x (3+5)=8 3^x=1 3^x=3^0 Hence x=0 -------------------------------------------------- • AREA & CIRCUMFERENCE OF CIRCLE • Area= pi*r^2 • C=2*pi*r • AREA OF SQUARE, Triangle,Rectangle • Area of square= s^2 • Perimeter=4s • Area of triangle= b*h/ 2 • Perimeter= sum of all sides • Area of Equilateral triangle=sqrt3 *s^2 /4 • Perimeter=3s • Area of rectangle= L*W • Perimeter=2(L+W) • Volume of cylinder = pi*r^2*h ----------------------------------------------------- • Cube : • Let each edge of a cube be of length a. Then, • 1. Volume = a^3 cubic units. • 2. Surface area = 6a^2 sq. units. • 3. Diagonal =sqrt 3a units. Example: What is the volume of a cube whose surface area is 294? A.125 b.216 c.294 d.343 • SOLUTION: Surface Area of Cube= 6*a^2=294 a^2=49 So a=7 Volume of Cube= a^3 a^3=7^3=343 ----------------------------------------------- • Cylinder : • Let radius of base = r and Height (or length) = h. Then, • 1. Volume = (π * r^2 * h) cubic units. • 2. Curved surface area = (2*π * r * h) sq. units. • 3. Total surface area = 2*π * r*(h + r) sq. units. -------------------------------------------------- • i values • I=sqrt of -1 • I^2=-1 • I^4=1 ------------------------------------------------ • Average formula: Let a1, a2,a3,........an be a set numbers, average = (a1 + a2 + a3 + ....... +an)/n • Average= sum of elements/no of elements ------------------------------------------------- • RATIO • 3:b=x:c • X=? • 3c=bx • X=3c/b -------------------------------------------------- GOOD LUCK
  14. Asalamualikum, I want you to share with us your experience of Assistant Director Paper Test which held on Sunday, 9th March 2014. Please tell us, how's the paper pattern and how's the environment of test centre. Please try to share in full details. I am waiting for your reply. Regards
  15. Assistant Director Ministry of Defence Guide Book Here you can download the guide book of Assistant Director Ministry of Defence. They haven't announce the sample paper for MOD. * Paper will comprise of MCQs and Descriptive sections for all the posts. NTS Assistant Director Guide Ministry of Defence for NTS, PCS & Competitive Examinations by Rai Muhammad Iqbal Kharal for ISI/IB/IFA. For More CLICK HERE
  16. National Aptitude Test (NAT 2016-X) Description: National Aptitude Test (NAT™) is for admissions in NTS™ associated universities / DAIs (degree awarding institutes). The candidates will appear in a single test only and will stand eligible for admission to all universities in the respective subject group. Announcement Date: Sunday, 25 - September, 2016 Last Date For Application Submission: Friday, 7 - October, 2016 Test Date: Sunday, 23 - October, 2016 CLICK HERE-->> http://datacell.nts.org.pk/applypost?id=32
  17. NTS (National Testing Service) GAT (Graduate Assessment Test) Test Roll Number Slip Download free but you have follow some steps through which you can get on the right path. Here tips for getting GAT roll no slip online is only for those candidate who haven't receive roll no slip from NTS officials till a gay before test. This procedure is for all three GAT test. 1: GAT General 2: GAT Subject 3: GAT LAW Those who didn't Received GAT Test Roll number Slip.. They have to follow these Steps. 1: Go to this Link (List of Candidate) of particular Test for Which you registered yourself. 2: Login your account 3: Take a print from candidate List. (that print will be considered your roll no slip) They will accept your slip.. Best of Luck and share it more so everyone can see this.. For tutorials and Images Visit this link (http://tinyurl.com/nho2trq)
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    Tell me please i'm very tense

    i haven't heard any news of closing NTS..
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    Degree in progress

    How can you apply in previous years (2015) TESTS..?
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    You can search your result VIA Institute codes given by BISE Lahore Board..
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    Application form late submission

    well you have to pray.. Last day of submitting form at courier center, definitely NTS will receive it on very next day, that's mean LATE SUBMISSION IS NOT ACCEPTED..
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    i haven't recevied roll no slip

    don't worry .. visit candidate list of your related test .. than take a print .. take it with you at your test center .. they will accept it. first show it at NTS helping desk
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    dont waste your time...You have send that copy.
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    NTS Geology Mcq,s arewrong

    I personally don't know from where they pick all the MCQ's, but the 1 thing i know is that WAPDA officials make all papers.. now if know any high profile official of WAPDA than you can claim for it.. otherwise no way..