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    What is your GAT Score?

    Share your GAT Score with percentile here and if you couldn't pass please Share the problems you faced this attempt so that we can discuss and you can get better result next time.... I do personally congrats to all those who got really good score and happy for them. Wish you all, good luck for your bright future
  2. ubaid_masood

    SharE youR FirsT Gat ExperiencE

    Hi Folks, How are you all doing? Please Share Gat Experience below. for those who didn't pass, please dont loose hope or no need to disheart. try a bit harder one more time you will be better.as remember the old saying "Practice makes a man perfect". for those who have been through, please share your experience and let others know any suggestion you want to give. All the best for your future endeavors, Regards,
  3. ubaid_masood

    Tips and Tricks Series for GAT Exams

    Tip # 1: Give yourself enough time to study: Don't leave it until the Test day morning. While some students do seem to thrive on last-minute 'cramming', it's widely accepted that for most of us, this is not the best way to approach an exam. Set out a timetable for your study. Write down how many Subject you have and the days on which you have to sit them. Then organize your study accordingly. You may want to give some Parts more study time than others, so find a balance that you feel comfortable with. Generally, GAT has been divided in some Catgories and each has its own marks division e.g GAT C contain english 40% and 30% quantitative and 30% analytical. you can see detail about the marks division on the official site of NTS paper patteren. decide and manage study according to your relevant Catagory.
  4. Oh God Pm's....Please Dont send pm's if you have any question then ask in relevant section and our team will try to help you out

  5. ubaid_masood

    Tips and Tricks Series for GAT Exams

    Hi, usually students have this problem and i think manzoor m has share a good trick to save time. you can follow it and other thing.. please keep in mind that if you are not preparing properly you can not get good marks... so you have 3 attempts and you can learn alot from your experience .. use this tool to focus on your weak section.
  6. ubaid_masood

    What is your GAT Score?

    Congrats, Fantastic !! All the best for your future endeavors
  7. ubaid_masood

    What is your GAT Score?

    great .. good job.. congrates
  8. ubaid_masood

    What is your GAT Score?

    Score is more important... Score is good percentile automatically get ranked good Congrats u have done fantastic...
  9. Congrates to all who passed

  10. ubaid_masood

    What is your GAT Score?

    Congrats, All the best for your future endeavors
  11. ubaid_masood

    What is your GAT Score?

    you need to have score atleast 50 to pass Gat General.. try again .. All the best for your future test .
  12. ubaid_masood

    What is your GAT Score?

    Nice and Congrates
  13. ubaid_masood

    What is your GAT Score?

    Gud Gud... Shahbashhh !!! All the best for your future endeavors.
  14. ubaid_masood

    What is your GAT Score?

    if u are willing to get admission in PHD, u need to have GAT Subject not general ... but make sure the university you are applying accept it GAT Subject for admission or they have assumpted as per high court Lahore ordered. i am not sure, you need to confirm.
  15. ubaid_masood

    What is your GAT Score?

    Wow... Happy for u
  16. ubaid_masood

    Hey, Autograph Please....

    Name:Ubaid Nick Name:Aabi Qualification:BE Electrical Date of Birth:22-08-1991 Aim in life:to make proud pakistan in global community Hobby:helping youth of pakistan,Radio jockey, watching movies You Hate:two face people You Trust:friends You Fear:ALLAH Favourite Book: Favourite Place:i have been to Istanbul and want to go back again Favourite Relation:dosti Favourite Dress:kurta salwar Favourite Politician:huh Favourite Dish:Iskender kebab (turkish) Favourite Colour Pink Favourite Hero: lolz Favourite Heroine: Emma Watson Favourite Singer (Male):Nusrat fateh ali khan Favourite Singer (Female):: nazia hassan Favourite time in 24 hours: sunday 24 hours Favourite weather: Winters Favourite Subject: Parhai ... ufff Define life in three words:Music, Masti, Maza Your three wishes to be gud muslim, go to door to door and help them, akhiri wish hy k jannat me thori se jaga mil jaye Part 2 Coming soon !!
  17. ubaid_masood

    Share youR Unique Talent here

    Asalaam alaikum every 1, As we all know we all do have some hidden qualities and some great unbeatable talent in Pakistani youth but no where to go. here in this thread,you can share your Talent and we will try to promote you. are you a good singer, good athlete, creative, artist,actor,painter,designer etc. share with us. Good Day, Ubaid
  18. you are absolutely alright
  19. you can give a try to find these books in electronic format. if you find share with others also Regards,
  20. ubaid_masood


    Thanks for the compliment, indeed our team is here to work and help you out.
  21. stay in touch with our result section, you will get updates about result in that section.
  22. as such koi pattern upload nehn hoya. jaisy hi hoga, you will get informed here on this forum. stay in touch
  23. First of all, can you please tell me for which test you applied. if your roll number is appearing on website and you didnt recieve yet your roll number slip then you can print your slip and with your orignal fee slip and orignal id card you can go to the center and get help in creating on spot roll number slip for entrance in test. hope it work
  24. visit the past paper threads, you will find something... or on last page of this thread you can find some example mcqs
  25. ubaid_masood

    Shahbaz Sharif Punjab Free Laptop Scheme 2014

    i think good initiative for youth of pakistan.. keep it up mian sb