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  1. You can't find he correct answers until your answer is correct.
  2. Result of Staff test will be announced within a week so it will be on saturday or sunday .. Source : NTS supervisor
  3. Is this official sample paper or just for information please admin clear that kya paper esi tarah ka aye ga?
  4. I think the paper was different for all districts because I remember many of mcq's which are not listed above. Our paper was different but not much difficult. Mostly was from general knowledge. then easy mathematics. Only 8 questions from English which were synonyms and antonyms . Then A paragraph. Total 70 mcqs.. and 3 paragraphs. which were about the pollution in Pakistan, Trade of Pakistan and MY ambition. More... friends ..........Acc. to my knowledge the pattern will be same but the AD paper will be a lengthy one. "BEst of luck every one including me "
  5. for staff section I think the test will be same but will be easy then Assistant Director test. I am preparing for both but still can't find any sample or past papers of staff test so my suggestion is that you should prepare current affairs, General Knowledge, English and Islamiyat for tomorrow test.
  6. https://www.google.com/maps/search/sachal+college+hyderabad+location/@25.3995422,68.3678174,16z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!2m4!3m3!1ssachal+college!2sHyderabad!3s0x394c70f6d444f3c3:0xc00bbc183d41e285
  7. zohrab

    Sugesstion needed regarding NAT

    this website will help you to prepare NAT or GAT . (REMOVED) more the dogar's unique books are available in the market
  8. zohrab

    Correct A Question

    You welcome all and thanks too for clearing me and responding very quickly good work.
  9. zohrab

    Correct A Question

    Dear Admin , Please correct a question or clear me through source In online test preparation you put a question which is The current Prime minister of Iraq is? The correct answer of this question is Nouri al-Malikibut the system shows that correct answer is Jalal Talabani who is the the President of Iraq not the Prime minister. So please correct it or clear me if I am wrong. Thanks