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  1. I appeared in the test for Special Secretary (BPS 19). The test was advertised in the national press and the test was conducted through a third class testing company OTS. This is a direct appointment in BPS 19. The test was conducted on 23rd June and today one month has been passed but the result is not declared so far. The test included MCQs not different than those included in the test for a Primary School Teacher or a Junior Clerk and the result should have been declared within 24 hours at the maximum because the number of candidates was also limited. But interestingly, the result has not been declared so far even after passage of 30 days time. No candidate knows about his or her score and further process. It has been reported that a particular the person (Mr. Waqar Shah, a flight steward from PIA) has already been selected against this post as he happens to be the cousin of NA speaker Asad Qaiser. Almost all candidates were aware of this and they told c that OTS had actually given the question paper to Waqar Shah before test date to enable him make a good score. The story has been published in the newspapers and the matter is raised on the assembly floor as well. This shows how these so called testing companies have become a tool for the government to appoint their blue eyed persons on lucrative positions through mock competitions. This is a high time that OTS should also be sued in the court of law for becoming a party in this dirty game. here are few links: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/393581-phc-declares-appointment-of-speaker-s-special-secretary-illegal https://www.dawn.com/news/1482303