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    COFFE is the world's first multi chain developed on the basis of EOS, which is a full-fledged independent network with its own consensus. Our advantages: o FREE ACCOUNTS Connect to coffe network via telegram Make your account fast and free! o CROSSCHAIN SWAPS Great bridge for swap coins from networks to coffe and and back o DECENTRALISATION Block producer selection based on random number generation • Security The security of the COFFE blockchain is beyond question as it is built on EOSIO, one of the most secure blockchains of today. The security of EOS is time-tested. We not made significant changes in the system that could reduce network security. • SMART WALLET For the convenience of users, we have developed a smart wallet on atomic swaps, using the Telegram bot. • ATOMIC SWAPS COFFE blockchain is developing the infrastructure for creating atomic swaps with other blockchains. The swaps mechanism allows conducting transactions from one blockchain to another. WHO CAN BE A BLOCK PRODUCER IN COFFE? In the COFFE network, everyone can become a bp. To do this, it is enough to place 100 000 CFF in the block producer's contract stake, which will allow to obtain a unique identifier of the block producer. In installing, configuring and running the software, the project team will provide all possible assistance and direct assistance. Server requirements to bps: 8 core, 32 Gb RAM, 2Tb HDD Link to the official website https://coffe.io/