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  1. Actually I don't know about indigenous scholarship, i have seen advertisement but still don't know what type of this scholarship is? If we pass the GAT test then where we will go to do Ph.D? Plz help me, tell me the detail about this scholarship because its my very first scholarship I want to apply. Thanx
  2. Actually i filled wrong subject category social science while filling form, and my correct subject category is physical science.. Now i am so confused that how this problem will be resolved. Please help me. As canidate list hs been uploaded.. In which my subject category is written wrong
  3. Nazia

    Subject category changing process

    candidate list has been announced.. Now how can I view and edit my form?
  4. when will the Provisional List of candidates of GAT General IV be uploaded on NTS Site? I want to know because there were some problem with my photograph size, so I am worried about it that my form registration is accepted or not? thats why I am badly waiting for the Provisional list of candidates...!!
  5. No there is no any other problem, i have sent my photograph to NTS office
  6. Nazia

    HEC Indigenous Scholarship For Ph.D

    Yes seen all the replies and i am satisfied... Thanx
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    ok thank u so much
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    Junaid... thank u so much about this important knowledge... i am really appreciating your efforts about this nts forum..one thing more I want to ask that the university for ph.d, we will decide or will be imposed by HEC? please tell me about this.. thanx again
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    I want to know that there will be stipend also from HEC for this scholarship? Or when we select we will do ph.d on our own expenses?
  10. Nazia

    HEC Indigenous Scholarship For Ph.D

    I have started a topic related to this scholarship... But still there is no answer is given to me