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  1. manal18

    Subject category changing process .

    thank you for sharing, i think this information are really helpfull.
  2. manal18


    Good to see this info here. It will make some contributions in needed times. Thanks for sharing
  3. manal18

    Welcome to NTS Forums

    I'm not necessarily "new", but I wanted to say hello to everyone on the forums
  4. manal18

    How to use NTS Forums

    Good to see this info here. It will make some contributions in needed times..I'm can't write it better than this...!
  5. My favorit is... Mine is Alastair Cook followed by Michael Clark. Lol.
  6. manal18

    Cricket anyone? By Masood Hasan

    Cricket is todays world domanating sport after football.
  7. Pakistan VS Bangladesh 8th ODI match of Asia Cup 2014 will play on 04th March.Dont mis watching this match on your home tv.
  8. Is laptop scheme nay to awam ko pagal kr diya.
  9. manal18


    Sometimes Allah doesn’t change our situation because He is trying to change our heart to have sabr and shukr in every situation.
  10. manal18

    99 Names of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)

    awesome art.. Awww shucks, thanks for making this thread!
  11. manal18

    99 Names of ALLAH

    Al-Hafeez The Preserver, The Protector, The One who protects whatever and whoever He willed to protect.
  12. manal18

    i am new comer

    "hey guys... i am new comer here so let welcome me... i am just looking for some interesting things and i am pretty much sure that here i will get them... share some interesting things with me........"