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  1. Mah


    A.A Can result awaiting students of Bsc apply? And does HEC give any foreign Mphil scholarships based on GAT?????
  2. Mah

    HEC Indigenous Scholarship For Ph.D

    A.A Can result awaiting candidates of Bsc apply?
  3. Mah

    What is your GAT Score?

    More members! And detailed info like answer to my query..
  4. Mah

    What is your GAT Score?

    Thanky veryyy much )
  5. Mah

    What is your GAT Score?

    ALHAMDULLILAH My percentile was 99.99 what would that indicate?
  6. Mah

    What is your GAT Score?

    Do you know the highest marks secured in this test?
  7. Yes but in a particular test what position would it indicate? Would it indicate 1st position in that particular test?
  8. A.A Where would a person with 99.99 percentile stand?