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  1. Abeer

    NTS Call Center

    Kindly post your query in the respective section. Thanks.
  2. The provisional list of candidates has not been uploaded yet, you will receive your roll no. when it will be uploaded. Keep visiting the forum.
  3. Abeer

    How to edit GAT form?

    You should contact nearest office, they'll let you know. You might edit the details and then appear in the test but before submitting the fee, confirm it.
  4. Aap online result card ka print nikalva k use kar lein..
  5. Congratulations You deserved it!
  6. Please Pray for my ECAT result!

  7. Abeer

    result card

    Walaikum Assalaam, You can get a print of the online result, get it attested and use it. Visit this topic for more information: http://www.ntsforums.com/topic/174-get-your-duplicate-nat-result-card/
  8. Abeer

    candidate list

    Wsalaam, It will be uploaded soon on this forum. Keep visiting for more information.
  9. Abeer

    Eid Mubarak From NTS

    Ameen! And Eid Mubarak to you too and to all other members
  10. Eid Mabrook to all members :)

  11. Abeer


    Get can get a print out of the online result, get it attested and then use it.
  12. Wsalaam. It is a type of code which is used for identification of the candidate and it is used in case of correction in the details of the candidate.
  13. Abbottabad Campus result will be uploaded soon. Keep visiting this thread: http://www.ntsforums.com/topic/256-comsats-abbottabad-campus-nat-test-result-21st-july-2013/
  14. Abeer

    can i change my test center

    Wsalaam, Yes it is possible. You have to contact NTS office before the test. And kindly post a topic once in the relative section.