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  1. I think it will be mcqs type... can any one share GK business related?
  2. Naseem Ahmed


    It's performance is not satisfactory, it should be made effective. It has been happening with me since yesterday that I call, it tells my turn, and when my turn is about to come, the call is being dropped....how funny
  3. U R Right Dear...We are also facing the same problem. It is very strange that form is not being submitted without specifying any error...kam as kam error to btaye na k y form is not being submitted?
  4. Naseem Ahmed

    EoBI ( Employee Old Age Benefit)

    Why it does not allow for 2nd post? I have applied for AD operation and wish to apply for accounts & Finance, but it is not being applied...anyone can apply?
  5. @ musa then why fees is increased? I think NTS should allow to apply for at least three posts on one Chalan as in MoD
  6. Naseem Ahmed

    National Testing Service (NTS) Negative Role

    hahahhaha... nice strategy to de motivate un employed youth of the Nation...but why fees is increased?
  7. @ Xaib Aslam your kind response for Online Test is still awaited...
  8. Nice Piece of Information in provided.
  9. It is very discouraging to see that NTS has asked for Chalan of RS. 9oo\=, It seems that NTS has now become money making institution and it is very funny that you still claim it as "Not for Profit Organization". I ask only one question that from which angle is it Not For Profit Organization??? We strongly reject the heavy fees and demand to decrease the fees as it is burden on already un employed youth of Pakistan....Please consider the case
  10. they had to change. Dear Can you post some of expected questions for SBP and SRB test? as u did for MoD test
  11. I think the result will not be announced, only shortlisted candidates will be called by MoD.
  12. What to talk of the performance of NTS! This is old sample paper of 2012, they even have not changed HINA RABBANI KHAR...how funny They just have to take fees and 50 of mobile during test...hahah