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  1. When 2018 admissions will be open? I am waiting.
  2. You can prepare the NTS test from any general knowledge book. I aslo prepared this test from KON KIYA HAI book of Dogar publisher.
  3. How many posts there were?
  4. This date has been expired now.
  5. When its result will be announce?
  6. asim595


    Buy the book of Dogar publisher.
  7. asim595

    EOBI Jobs (Candidates list)

    Fee is not refundaable and if you are rejeced then you will be [ay fee to give a new test for the post.
  8. asim595

    eobi paper

    You should prepare both test.
  9. asim595

    I am DAE student

    You should buy the book of Dogar publisher to prepare NTS test.
  10. asim595

    nts forum

    You can get form of NTS from its site.