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National Testing Service (NTS) Negative Role

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April 14: JUST to reduce the number of applicants and to lay off the burden of organizing tests, the National Testing Service (NTS) has devised a strange strategy of conducting two to three tests on the same date and time.


The practice will only lead to adding to the misery of students who are eligible for all tests. Recently, two posts were announced on the website for which I found myself eligible. Regrettably, the test date and time for both the posts is coinciding. It is no doubt a criminal negligence. Upon contacting the authorities, I was served with the same tailor-made reply as reported in this paper by many other candidates that the test center or the date cannot be changed on request.


Thus many competent students will not be able to appear for one or the other post due to this well-designed constraint. By doing so, NTS is hoodwinking both applicants and employing organisations that have trusted them with the job of finding suitable candidates for the vacant positions.


The National Testing Service is willfully obstructing the right to enter into the desired profession subject to qualification provided by the constitution.

NTS needs to reinvigorate itself on moral and legal grounds so as to become a ‘service’ in spirit as well.


A letter by M. Umair Azam, Karachi

Published by Daily Dawn on April 14, 2014

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