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Let's Talk about EOBI Test Pattern & Sample Papers

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Asalam u alaikum.
The paper of Law would not be not of interest for many of you. So I am sharing the complete paper of Executive officer paper. The tomorrows paper would be very like it. Because both paper have fully same pattern. (I am Still Not Confirmed About This Pattern)
Paper of Executive officer was not very easy nor very difficult. It had 100 MCQs and time limit of 2 hours. A carbon copy was also provided for reference.


Paper had

40 English
20 Math
20 IQ & General Knowledge Business related (10 IQ + 10 GK)
20 Basic Computer.
The most easy portion was IQ+GK one. Also the Basic computer portion was easy. I am very good at Math and almost every time I score 100% in it. So I can not comment about it's difficulty level but I think it was a little tougher than previous one, not Mathematics skills wise, but the some difficult statement or difficult method to ask a simple question. 
However, English portion was very tough, at least for me it wa. I am hoping to get 55+ marks in total in all three sections out of 60 but confused would I get 50% in English portion or not. 
Detailed description of all test portion separately;
English Communication
It was of 40 marks.

10 questions were completing the sentences. It included grammar, preposition and correct form of words. It was easy
10 marks were like, find the pair of words that have exactly the same relationship as in question. It was difficult and 6/10 words were totally new for me.
10 marks antonyms (finding opposite words). Some words I remember are; Nadir, Communicative etc. It had very difficult words
10 marks were from a paragraph finding answers. It was about sports and games plus arts. Questions were like;
What is the aim of writer to write this paragraph?
What information has been given in second paragraph etc.
IQ (10 Marks total)
It was really of IQ type question. Relatively very easy questions. Some I remember are ;
What number comes next 2014, 2021, 2035, 2053 ... (adding double amount , first add 7, then 14, then 28
What would be the last word if you re arrange the word , Hint Bird name...
W.O.C.R............... It was Crow and answer was W
General Knowledge Business (10 marks )

It had been a mystery what kind of Gk would be business related until I saw the paper. Law Cadre test has too GK but it was o general nature. But AD Operations and Executive officer has business related GK.

Basically, it consists of very basic level business related theoretical questions. forget about stats, budget facts and figure, GDP etc. It all had theoretical questions checking your basic business concepts. Some questions, I remember are

What are two types of Local or Internal trade?
A.Sole proprietorship, partnership
B.Whole Sale, Retail
C. Bla bla
D. None above

How much profit margin Wholesalers have?
a.Huge margin
b. Small margin
c. No margin

The audit of Joint stock company is?
a. Optional
b. Compulsory
c. As per policy of company

Who are responsible of establishment of company?
a. Shareholders
b. Promoters
c. Auditors
d. Managers

Through which document, offer for shares is made?
2. Article of Association
b. Memorandum of Association
c. Prospectus

Minimum number of partners for Partnership?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3

My recommendation for this 10 marks preparation is, go through "Introduction to Business" type book of Inter or maximum bacholar level. Just revise, company, Documents. Partnership, Joint Companies, Pvt and public companies Retalir, WholSalers type definition.
Math 20 Marks 

Like always, it had exactly same type question, as there used to be in NTS, GAT tests. 
Averages, Fractions etc. 
Basic computer

It was very easy and every body should score 15 plus in it. I think, I almost did all questions correctly. Some questions I remember

+-*/ are what?
a. Functions
b. Operators
c. Keys

Pictures, Office files stored in hard disk are what?
a. Physical devices
b. Bits
c. Information

What out of them is not a memory unit
a. Mb
b. Kb
d. Xb

What is short cut to open MS word file
a. Crtl+V
b. Crtl+P
c. Crtl+B
d. Ctrl +O

What is short cut of printing a document?
a. Ctrl+ V
b. Ctrl+ P
c. Ctrl +B
d. Ctrl+ V

Through which menu can you edit a footer and header in MS Word File?
a. Edit
b. Tools
c. File
d. Save

What is the minimum length of table in MS word?
a. zero
b. 1*1
c. 1*2
d. 2*1
e. 2*2

Using cell data of other excel sheet is called?
a. Referencing
b. Outing
c. ?
d. ?

What is www.nts.org.pk?
a. email
b. URL
c. website
d. software
Where you can see the web address of current? 
a. Bottom of page
b. Task bar
c. Address Bar

What is memory device
a. Scanner
b. USB
c. Monitor
d. Printer

What is an out put device
a. Monitor
b. Scanner
c. USB

What is called brain of Computer
a. Monitor
b. Hard Disk
c. CPU
d. Mouse

In-page is used
a. English writing
b. Urdu Writing
c. Website making

My recommendation for this portion.... Just go through basic Short cuts, not very complex one, Functions of functional keys like F1 for help, F2 rename, F5 refresh. Go through what are input and out put devices. MS Word, MS Excel basic knowledge.. Go for Any online MS Word or MS Excel quiz of basic type. 
I made a file by collecting basic computer question from past papers of NTS and many questions were repeated. For you people, I am sharing it. Go through it once.

Best of luck for tomorrow AD Operations and other test. Stay Blessed. 
IF anyone have some knowledge about EOBI Test Pattern, then please do your contribution.

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