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In NAT Test Why Questions (MCQ's) 90 & Total Marks 100

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In NTS (National Testing Service) of Pakistan NAT (National Aptitude Test) test why MCQ's (Multiple Choice Question) are 90 and total marks are 100, what was the reason behind it.... On every result lots of Question posted by candidates on Facebook fan page so i decided to make a thread of it where i will explain it to Students ... if any one have batter idea to explain it than please share with us....


That is because of the percentage weight-age of different sections.

Which are as follows:

English = 22.2

Analytical = 22.2

Quantitative = 22.2

Subject Knowledge = 33.4


Total: 22.2+22.2+22.2+33.4= 100%


Each Q's = 1.111111111111111


Now if you multiply "1.111111111111111" by 90 than you may get the right ans... Now if you don't understand it you can ask for more clarification....


What is NTS NAT Test Percentile & How to Calculate Percentile

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