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Commonwealth General Scholarship 2014 Questions/Answers Part 1

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1. Is this scholarship offered every year? Are there any limited chances to apply, and is there any age limit?
Ans: 1. Scholarship is offered every year... no limit on attempts

2. The shortlisting is totally based on test. But where does the academic background like CGPA comes into play? If a person is shortlisted from the test, is he secure to get the scholarship despite of his previous academic record?
Ans: IPC doesn't look at your academic background until and unless they have set some criteria like 1st/2nd division or so... IPC just shortlists 30 candidates of whom only 10~15 candidates will be selected for scholarship by the Commonwealth commission

3. What factors other than the NTS test will matter in finally getting the scholarship? The academic record is considered by Common Wealth Commission, this means that they will impact after all.
Ans: Yes the final selection is made by commission.

4. I've done Masters in Public Administration with a CGPA of 3.25. Will i have a chance to secure the scholarship if i am able to get shortlisted from the NTS test?
Ans. You should put your efforts in NTS to get shortlisted.. Later on, all the things depend on your proposal and how do you present your tentative studies to be useful for the development of your country

5. Lets say i want to get admission in Mass communication, or Psychology, or Environmental sciences, or Film production, although I've my masters degree in Public Administration. Is it possible? Will it reduce my chance of getting the scholarship? And how can 'application in-lined with the development of the country' help in this regard?
Ans: A change of subject line will definitely reduce your chances... You will have to justify your change of field in addition to the convincing proposal for the development studies

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