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Commonwealth General Scholarship 2014 Questions/Answers Part 3

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1: Fee commonwealth general scholarship 2014?

Ans: 800 PkR



2: I have master degree in international relations(16 years) and my ielets is not clear.am i eligible for the mentioned scholarship.

Ans: YES you are eligible.



3: One having 2nd division in academic career, can be considered?

Ans: Yes, but you need to get good score in test to compete for scholarship. Scholarship shortlisting is purely based on test score. after shortlisting. your academics will be counted. and 2nd division is not a big deal don't worry.



4: candidates having second division in masters and bachelors are eligible for this scholarship?

Ans: Yes they are eligible.



5: we required to serve for 5 years after completing ph.d

Ans: yes after PhD you have to serve for 5 years in Pakistan.



6: Is this scholarship through HEC?

Ans: Its not through HEC, its through IPC.


7:  I want to ask is this scholarship open for all subjects?

Ans: yes, its for all subjects. if your field of study is offered by UK Universities than you can get admission in any uni of UK. yes, after passing common wealth NTS test you have to pass IELTS with 6.5 band.



8: Could one apply for any field of study, other than his previous subject of Graduation

Ans: There is no restriction on your field of choice. It just depends on how do you prepare your application in-lined with the development of your country...



9: Can engineers apply? for MS Electrical Engineering?

Ans: Yes, engineering is among the applied sciences and a favorite field for the scholarship.



10: How can I upload pic on my Commonwealth scholarship program?

And: Two photographs are required in total.

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AOA, I want to ask if a person also applies in a local university in MS, and also this scholarship, would it disqualify him/her? does it matter if the candidate is also studying locally in MS program.

Please answer soon. Thanks

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HI , i have a question. i made a mistake in the application form. in GPA i switched the obtained and total so its reading opposite now, its not a misinformation thing but an honest mistake but indeed a dumb one . if i apply now and appear for the test. can NTS reject m application because of this m?? after all they say so on the form . please answer fast and thank you in advance

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while online form submission, by mistake ,i have written my engineering degree as 14 years education which is wrong,it cant be edited now, will this cause my rejection, or i should edit or write a note on its print out.?????


tomorrow is last date ,please some one guide me through.





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