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NAT Paper Pattern (Category Two)

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NAT will be conducted in two categories:

Category Two:
For students having 14 years of education

Types of Papers:
Five types of papers which include

  • [*]
NAT-IIA (Arts and Social Sciences Group) [*]NAT-IIB (Biological Sciences Group) [*]NAT-IIM (Management Sciences Group) [*]NAT-IIP (Physical Sciences Group) [*]NAT-IIO (Oriental and Islamic Studies Group)

Questions Distribution:
The Questions will be based on the following areas:
A: English (20 questions)
A1: Sentence Completion
A2: Anology
A3: Antonym
A4: Comprehension
A5: Synonyms

B: Analytical Skills (20 questions)

B1: Scenario Based
B2: Statements Based

C: Quantitative Analysis (20 questions)

C1: Basic Arithmetic
C2: Algebra
C3: Geometry

D: Subject Knowledge (40 questions)
(This section will contain subjects of your group)

D1: Islamiyat
D2: Pakistan Studies
D3: General Knowledge
D4: Current Affairs


D1: Botany
  D1.1: Plant Physiology
  D1.2: Taxonomy

  D1.3: Environment
  D1.4: Genetics
  D1.5: Ecology
  D1.6: Algae/ Fungi
  D1.7: Bryophytes / Ptrediophytes
  D1.8: Angiosperm / Gymnosperm

D2: Zoology
  D2.1: Vertebrates

  D2.2: Invertebrates


D1: Islamiyat
D2: Pakistan Studies
D3: Business Environment (General)

D4: Pakistan Economy (Basic)

D5: Management (Basic)
D6: Banking (General)

D1: Mechanics
D2: Electricity and Magnetism
D3: Waves and Oscillations

D4: Modern Physics / Electronics
D5: Heat and Thermodynamics


D1: Islamic History
D2: Comparison of Religions
D3: Sources of Islamic Religion / Quran and Hadith

Total Number of Questions = 100
Total Marks = 100


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