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Before making that suggestion, read this!

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Due to several topics being repeated, I can not urge enough to use the search function on the forums or browse this board manually. I can tell you it gets tiring to have to delete all of these repeated topics in suggestions. Make sure you also take into note that there are some things we do not want to see because they are useless and dumb to the future of NTSforums.com

Here are some tips
1. Do some research.
See if there's already a suggestion for the same thing,
If there is don't post.
If not then continue with the other tips! 
2. Making a nice title.
Something that's right to the point,
Something like (New idea for the rep system) or (Clothing Thread Suggestion) 
3. Start off by telling your suggestion.
(Something like, I think we should add This, Or that.) 
4. Give an example of your idea.
As long as you don't advertise a site in the process.
Maybe like a screen shot of your suggestion in affect on a different site.
5. Make a poll.
Make a poll to go along with you post,
So maybe something like, Would you like to see this in affect. (Yes, or No)

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