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Engr Shah Sawood Farooqi

NTS and KP TEVTA Jobs (Junior Instructor & Trade Instructor)

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Written Tests of Junior Instructor and Trade Instructor for ET. & ELT. Conducted by NTS have the following MISTAKES;

1. The only ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA to apply for JUNIOR INSTRUCTOR and TRADE INSTRUCTOR is DAE (ET. & ELT.) But the MERIT LIST displayed by NTS shows that most of the candidates have no DAE QUALIFICATION and they have just F.Sc and after that have B.Sc Engineering / BS Technology etc (semester system) in the relavent field.

Those candidate doesn't meet the eligibility criteria because they don't have DAE and primary requirement is DAE QUALOFICATION only.

2. If we accept, They have relavent qualification at Bachelor's level with no DAE so then they should not be given HIGHER QUALIFICATION MARKS because they have no DAE and should be eligible only by BACHELOR'S DEGREE in the relavent filed.

3. Those candidates have B.Sc Engineering, BS Technology , B.Tech degrees in SEMESTER SYSTEM and we have B.Tech (Hons) in ANNUAL SYSTEM, SEMESTER SYSTEM Degree holders have high marks as compare to Annual system and IN ADDITION HIGHER QUALIFICATIONS MARKS ARE ALSO GIVEN TO THEM so they got high positions in this way.

KINDLY (NTS/KP TEVTA), they should reject the candidates with no DAE QUALIFICATION and if they don't reject them then SHOULD (NOT) BE GIVEN HIGHER QUALIFICATION MARKS. 



... Farrooqi786


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