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Dear SBP Aspirants!

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Dear SBP Aspirants!

It is saddened to learn that most of the candidates who appeared in the NTS test for 'SBP-BCS Junior Officer (OG-I)' conducted on Feb 02 seemed too much reluctant the way test was designed but I couldn't find any justified reason behind such proclamation. I believe that Success starts with planning & needs persistent hard work, strong determination, practice & most importantly time-management. Before presenting my point of view, I must appreciate the way the examiner had designed the paper especially in order to fully analyze once caliber, attitude, aptitude & potential by altering difficulty level from difficult to easy & vice-verse in the middle & at the end. I like people who accept challenges & mind you every effort we made in our life will definitely have given us some reward in any means sooner or later but not guaranteed our SUCCESS every time. I will say we people must start to learn from our mistakes & experience & make sure in future we will come to meet with different result. May I ask some questions? Do we read newspaper on daily basis? Do we people have ample vocabulary? Do we people keep ourselves apprised of day to day changes at national, international & economic forum level? We have chosen banking sector as our career field but do we possess enough knowledge? Do we visit our government websites to remain up to date about understanding of government budget proposal, the issues government is struggling to resolve? Do we try to read HISTORY & IDEOLOGY OF PAKISTAN? And in last do we ever try to remain competitive in every field where we work? No, never---the only answer to all the above questions asked. We should accept it graciously that we people are habitual of finding shortcuts & this is why we compromise not only with our studies but with our profession & career as well later in the life. You will amaze with this fact that why I have responded so late? So I must clarify you all that ALLHUMDULLAH I did my best in the test & will leave the rest on God because IF I clear than credit will only go to him(ALLAH) & if I lost I will make sure I will be well prepared in the next attempt. At the end I will say test was too easy, HAD SBP had not been asked 14-years education candidates to be eligible for the post, than I wonder what would have offered remarks by the candidates our test pattern? No-remarks. God bless you all people.

Writer: Xahid Khan

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