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Ministry of Defence Past Papers of Assistant Directors

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1.                  National anthem of Pakistan sung at 14 Aug 1947                                                                            

2.                  Quid-e-Azam address  to nation at 15 Aug 1947

3.                  Liquate Ali  took the oath as first prime minister  at 15 Aug 1947                                

4.                  Quid-e-Azam took the oath as first Gov. Gen at 15 Aug 1947,the last Friday of Holy       month Ramadan.

5.                  Azam-e-Azam took the oath by  chief justice Main Abdul Rashid on 15 Aug 1947

6.                  The first constitute Assembly met for the first on 10 Aug 1947 that is four days before the independence day

7.                  Pakistan become a member of  world food department at 27 aug1947

8.                  Pakistan become a member of  UNO 30 Sep 1947 

9.                  State Dar  and Chitral affiliation with Pakistan  at 1 Nov 1947                                            

10.              All India Muslim league divide in all India & Pakistan Muslim league at 14 Dec   1947

11.              India launched a full  scale attack on Kashmir on 27 Oct 1947

12.              India Army attack on Kashmir 27 0ct 1947 on the demand of Raja

13.              An agreement with TATA Air company was concluded for the transportation of Govt. officials  and their families

14.              The first foreign minister Sir Jaffar Ullah and foreign sec Sir Akram Ullah khan

15.              Jagindar Nath Mandal was first acting president of constitutional assembly

16.              Quid-e-Azam was died at 11 Sept 1948

17.              After death Quid-e-Azam  khawaja Nazimuddin  took the oath as Govern Gen.

18.              \India took the Kashmir  issue in dispute to UN security council at 1 jan 1948

19.              India cut off water to Pakistan from two of its headwork’s  causing a dispute over water at 1 Apr 1948

20.              Security Council called for ceasefire  in Kashmir at 13 Aug 1948

21.              Khawaja Nazimuddin become the second Gov. Gen. of Pakistan at 14 Sept 1948

22.              The state bank of Pakistan was established on 1 July 1948 with a capital of three crors rupees

23.              Quid-e-Azam  the Gov. Gen of Pak ordered Gen Gracy  then C-in-C of Pakistan Army to  attack Kashmir which he Gen Gracy refused to carry out the pretext that he could not take such action without the orders of supreme commander of Indio Pak Armed forces


24.              Gahdi assassination in 30 Jan 1948 by youngish

25.              Basic principal committee was the appointed on 12 march 1949

26.              Public and representative offices Disqualification Act was passed at1949

27.              Liquate Ali khan was chosen as  the head of chairman of  committee

28.              The Basic  committee consists  of  25 member

29.              Objective Resolution was passed March 1949

30.              PRODA Act enforced the 14  Aug 1949

31.              Star add in Pakistani flag  at 9 Feb 1949

32.              Muzaffarabad made capital of Kashmir  at 8 Feb 1949

33.              Pakistan recognition of china at 4 Jun 1950

34.              Pakistan become a member of  International Bank at 09 July 1950

35.              BPC published its first draft constitution on 28 sept1950 by liquate Ali khan

36.              The first draft constitution published in 1950 Stimulated strong protest in East Pak

37.              Shah Iran visit the first time in 1950

38.              Liquate  Nehru pact lunched at 1950

39.              Liquate Ali khan Visit the US as First Prime minister in May 1950

40.              US  had  delineated Marshal plan in early 1950

41.              First census of  Pak held at  09 Feb 1951

42.              Ayub khan become first Muslims C-in-C of  Army in 17 Jan 1951

43.              Ch  Rehmat Ali founder of Pakistan National movement died in 12 Feb 1951

44.              Liquate Ali khan was assassinated at Rawalpindi on 16 Oct 1951

45.              Syed Akbar opened the fire on Liquate  Ali  Khan

46.              Sub inspector Muhammad shah shoot the Syed Akbar

47.              Khawja Nazimuddin stepped as second Prime minister 19 Oct 1951

48.              Nawabzada Atiza-u-Din investigation the Liquate Ali khan assassination

49.              Ulama Akram presented the 22 points in 1951

50.              Khawja Ghulam Muhammad become 3rd  Gov. Gen. at 17 Oct 1951

51.              The name of Gordon Bhag is change into Liquate Bhag  in 18 Oct 1951

52.              Khawja Nazimuddin presents the second draft of constitution to the assembly on 22 Dec 1952

53.              Industrial Co-operation was establish at 12 Jan 1952

54.              Trade agreement was conducted between Pak and  India in 12 Aug 1952

55.              The contact between Karachi and Dacha with tale in 22 Aug 1952

56.              Pakistan become the member of security council in first time at 1952

57.              The Tehrik-i-Khatam Nabuwat was launched in 1952

58.              Martial Law was proclaim in Lahore by Major Gen. Muhammad Azam Khan at March 1953

59.              Maulana Abu-Allah Moudoodi and Abdul Sattar khan Niazi were arrested in 1953

60.              Moulana Abu-Allah Moudoodi and Abdul Sattar khan Niazi were sentenced to   death by military court in 11 May  1953

61.              The martial Law was remove / abolished in 14 May 1953

62.              The political deadlock was ultimately unlocked with the removal of Khawaja Nazimuddin at 16 April 1953

63.              Muhammad Ali Bogra become third prime minister in 17 April 1953

64.              The third prime minister Mr. Muhammad Ali Bogra  present the third draft Legislation  assembly on 7 Oct 1953(with in less than 6 month of appointment

65.              Bogra Formula means overcome the Constitution dead lock over the Question of Representation in federal  legisture 

66.              Malik Ghulam Muhammad dissolved Legisture Assembly of Muhammad Ali Bogra and declared a state in 1954 (14 Oct 1954)

67.              Pakistan become a member of SEATO in 1954 (8SEP1954)

68.              The institution of election commission was established in 25 Jun 1954

69.              The Nation Anthem was broadcast from Radio Pak in the voice of Hafeez Jalandhri on 13 Aug 1954

70.              PRODA Act 1949  was abolished in 1954

71.              Prime Minister Muhammad Ali Bogra announced the west Pakistan into one unit  22Nov 1954

72.              NWFP/ K.P  passed the Resolution of One unit at 25 Nov 1954

73.              Punjab Passed the  Resolution of One unit  at 30 Nov 1954

74.              Shind passed the Resolution of  one unit at 11 Nov 1954

75.              West Pakistan consists of 12 Division when he become one unit

76.              India held a so- called plebiscite (election) in Kashmir at 1954

77.              Chaudhary Muhammad Ali was appointed prime minister of Pakistan 11Aug 1955

78.              Iskandar Mirza become the Gov. Gen. of  Pak after Malik Ghulam Muhammad in 15 Oct 1955

79.              PIA was founded in 1955

80.              Draft of one unit present in legislative assembly 23Aug 1955

81.              Draft of one unit passed the Ratio 13:43

82.              One unit was establish the 14 Oct 1955

83.              Pakistan become a member of CENTO (Bhadad pact) in 23 Sep 1955

84.              Pakistan decrease the rate of Pakistani currency at First time in 1Aug 1955

85.              Second  Legislative assembly held at 1955 / election were held June 1955

86.              The first constitution draft approve the 29 Feb 1956

87.              The first constitution enforced 23 March 1956

88.              First five years plans announced by Ch. Muhammad Ali at 16May 1956

89.              Boundary agreement (boundary calash) between Iran and Pak in 29 Oct 1956 

90.              Chaudhary Muhammad Ali dismiss from P.M at 12 Sept 1956

91.              Hussian Shaheed Suhrawardi become the P.M the 12 Sept 1956                                                          

92.              Pakistan raised the Kashmir issue in UNO in 1 Jan 1957

93.              NFC (National Finance Commission) conducted in 23 Aug 1957

94.              International Atomic Power institution become 29 july 1957

95.              Quatta Radio station become 1 Sept1957

96.              Sir Agha khan died in Genava 11 july 1957                                                                     

97.              Hussian Shaheed Suhrawardy  resigned from the premiership and Ismail Ibrahim       Chundrigar was appointed by Iskhandar Mirza as the new prime Minister of Pak oct1957

98.              Malik Feroz khan Noon took over Ismail Ibrahim Chundrigar as prime minister 16 Oct 1957                                                                                                                                     

99.              Doctor khan Sahib was murder with knife by Ata Muhammad at his home at Lahore                                                                                   

100.          Dept. speaker of East Pakistan Assembly was dead in Qural in 21 Sept 1958

101.          Dept. speaker who dead in assembly was name Shaid Ali khan

102.          Gen. Ayub khan enforced the first ML at 28 Oct 1958

103.          Governor Gen Sikandar Mirza resign at 27 0ct 1958

104.          Gawadar port affiliation 8 Sept 1958 with Pakistan

105.          The amounts paid of Gawdar 40 Lac ponds

106.          President Ayub khan announced  the first Agriculture commission at 31 Oct 1958

107.          105  Ayub khan become president through basic democracy

108.          106  Poda and EBDO was enforced at 14 March 1959

109.          Ayub Khan ordered for National Educational Commission in the 30 Dec 1958 .     under the of S.M Shraif

110.          Education Commission present the report to President 26 Aug 1959

111.          Local Govt. enforced 1 Nov.1959

112.          United Bank was established at 7 Nov 1959

113.          The suggestion to change  the capital  Karachi to Islamabad in 1959

114.          Oct 1960 the plan was improve of change the capital

115.          13 years Karachi remain the capital of Pak

116.          19 Sept 1960 agreement was concluded between two countries which is known as .           Indus Basin water treaty  (it is known as called Sindh Taas Treat)

117.          President Ayub Khan set up a constitutional commission under justic  Shahab-ud-.            Din to suggest recommendation for the new constitution of country at 17Feb 1960

118.          116    Family laws were introduce by Ayub khan in 1961

119.          117   Commission submit report at 1961 to president

120.          118   Constitution was enforce at 1 March 1962

121.          Pakistan become the member of famous R.C.D (Regional Cooperation Development)on 21 July 1964

122.          India attack  on 6 Sept 1965 on Punjab (Lahore)

123.          Security council gave the order of ceasefire at 20 Sep 1965

124.          U.N. Secretary  Gen. Youtha  Natt  at time he belong with Barma

125.          Pakistani President M. Ayub accept the ceasefire at 23 Sept 1965

126.          Tashkent Declaration sign at 10 Jan 1966  By F.M Ayub and P.M Lal Bahadar Shastri

127.          Prime minister Lal Bahadar Shastri has dead within 24 hours after Tashkent Declr

128.          Prime minister Kosygin of USSR invited the Ayub khan & Bahadar Shastri

129.          EBDO Politicians  after the completion of the Bann on 31 Dec 1966

130.          Agratala case against Majeeb-ur- Rehman was held at 1967

131.          Ayub khan with draw from Agratala case at 22 March 1969

132.          Ayub khan celebrate Ten years tenure  at 1969

133.          Z.A Bhutoo remain foreign minister in 1962 to 1965

134.          Z.A Bhutoo launched his PPP in Nov /Dec 1967

135.          Ayub khan hand over power to General Yahya khan at 25 March 1969

136.          Yahya khan  appointed a chief Election commissioner Sajjid Ahmad Jaan at 28 july 1970

137.          One unit scheme was dissolved 1 July 1970

138.          Gen. Election were held 5 Oct 1970 but postponed up to Jan 1971

139.          Yahya Khan had convened the National Assembly on 3rd March 1971

140.          On 30 Jan 1971 two Indian agents Asham &Asraf  Kashmari fighters hijacked an Indian plane to Lahore 

141.          India attack on Nov 21 , 1971 at East Pak on 16th Dec 1971  East Pak fell to the Indian aggression

142.          The name of hijack plane Ganga

143.          On 3rd Dec 1971 a full scale war broke out the West Pak India boarder and Kashmir valley

144.          Pak. Gen   Naizi surrender on 16th Dec 1971

145.          Bengladash  National anthem Sung as Rabandar Naath Tagar

146.          Z.A Bhutoo stepped in as the president and Civilian CMLA of Pak on 20 Dec 1971

147.          Z.A Bhutoo become /took as chief Materil Law and President 20 Dec1971

148.          The first phase of Nationalization began in Jan 1972

149.          PPP lunched the land reforms in 1972

150.          The landholdings were limited to 150 acres in the first phase 1972 and later to 100 acres  in the second phase in 1977

151.          Second phase of nationalization began in 1973

152.          The first phase was announced in Oct 1972 (social reforms) Education was made compulsory and free up to class eight

153.          In second phase beginning in Oct 1974 education made compulsory and free up to ten class

154.          The 2nd summit conference of the OIC was held at Lahore in Feb 1974

155.          The name of  Red Cross was changed to Red Crescent in 06 march 1974

156.          154    Pakistan reorganization of Bangladesh in 22 Feb.  1974

157.          Sheikh Majeeb-u-Rehman was died at  Dhaka in Army Revolution in 15 Aug 1974

158.          Foundation of parliament house at 14 Aug 1974

159.          Start  Samjota  express  between India &Pakistan in 224 July 1976

160.          Shah Khalid foundation the Shah Fasial Mosque at Islamabad in 12 Oct 1976

161.          Name  of laelapur in to Faisalabad the remember of Shah Faisal in 1 Sept 1977

162.          The first general elections under  the 1973 Constitution were held in 1977

163.          Gen. Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq took over the Govt. in July 1977

164.          Marital  law imposed for third time in country on 5 July 1977

165.          Russian army attack on Afghanistan in Dec1979

166.          The referendum was held on 19 Dec 1984                                                                                             

167.          The name of MRD (movement for Restoration of Democracy )was launched in 1984

168.          Muhammad Khan Junejo took oath as  prime minister in 23 March 1985

169.          Martial Law  was lifted on 30 Dec 1985

170.          The joint session of the nation Assembly and the Senate was held on 23 March 1985

171.          Where Gen.Zia-ul-Haq took oath as the president of Pak for next five years

172.          The most controversial 8th amendment was introduced to the National Assembly on

173.          30 Sep 1985 and approved by Senate 31 Oct 1985  and pass by senate 14 Nov 1985

174.          171  On  April 10 ,1988 the  twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi received unexpected and unique shower of sophisticated  weapons which included missiles rockets ,bombs and other highly lethal and explosive devices (debacle at Ohjiri camp)

175.          Gen. Zia  pre-empted the move and dissolved Junejo  Govt. on May 29 ,1988

176.          Haji Muhammad Saif Ullah ,a member of dissolved assembly filed a petition in    LHC challenging the dissolution of assemblies

177.          In March 1988 Junejo called a Round  Table Conference to discuss the proposed Geneva Accords

178.          On Aug 17 , 1988 ,a C-130 plane carrying Gen. Zia , Gen. Akhtar Abdur Rehman and  a number of other very senior officers of army and the US ambassador to Pak Mr. Arnold Rafael crash near Bahawalpur killing all the persons on board

179.          The   Party  based elections to the National and Provincial Assemblies were held on Nov 16 and 19 ,1988 respectively

180.          The appointment of Benazir Bhutto chairperson of the PPP, as the first ever women prime minister of Pak in 1988

181.          Benazir Bhutoo was to take oath of office of the PM on 1 Dec 1988  

182.          Presidential Election were held on 12 Dec 1988 Ghulam Ishaq khan and veteran politician Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan contested the election .Ghulam Ishaq elected

183.          Gen. Musa the Governor of Baluchistan dissolved the PA on advice of the CM within two weeks of the Government coming into power

184.          Baluchistan High court declared the desolation as illegal and restored the assembly in January 1989

185.          Punjab and Baluchistan too created problems for the PPP Govt.

186.          A no confidence motion was moved against the PPP Govt. in NA by IJI (Islami Jamhori Ittehad) Heavy prices were offered to the MNAs for purchasing and retaining the loyalties MNAs were shifted to safer places under the (Operation Changa Manga ) the kidnapped MNAs were to appear only on voting days

187.          The Govt.of Benazir was dismissed by the President Ghulam Ishaq khan on 6 Aug 1990

188.          Mr.Ghulam Mustafa jatoi was appioted as careterker prime minister 6 Aug 1990 

189.          After dissolution of Benazir Govt Gen election of NA were held on 24 Oct 1990 and PA 27 Oct 1990


190.          PDA (Pakistan Democratic Alliance) established in 1990. it consisted of PPP, Tehrik-e-Istiqlal and Tehrike-e-Nifaz–fiqa-e-Jafria

191.          187 Main Nawaz Sharif was elected as prime minister by IJI Parliamentary group on 06 Nov 1990

192.          The power tussle between the prime minister  and president began over the appointment of COAS (chief of Army staff) after the death of Gen Asif Nawaz on January 8,1993

193.          The president there for ignoring the discretion of the prime minister in the appointment of COAS appointed Gen. Abdul Waheed  Kakar as the COAS

194.          The president announced that the fresh election would be held 14 july 1993

195.          Mir Balkh Sher Mazari was appointed the care-taker prime minister April 18, 1990 to May 26,1993

196.          Moeen Qureshi a former vice- president of the World Bank was imported to become the care-taker prime minister of Pak  (July 18 ,1993 to Oct 19, 1993)

197.          The general elections for NA were held on  6 Oct 1993 while the provincial Assemblies elections were held on 9 Oct 1993

198.          Benazir took oath of the office of PM for second time on 19 Oct 1993

199.          The  Jamaat-e- Isami gave a Sit-in (Dharna)  in front of NA to press the Govt. to resign as it had failed to fulfil its oath 24 June 1996

200.          Murtaza Bhutto was murder in Police encounter in 20 Sep 1996

201.          The NA and dismissed Benazir Govt. on 5 Nov 1996

202.          World Trade Organization establish and Pak also become its member  in 1 Jan 1996

203.          The president announced the fresh election would be held 3 Feb 1997

204.          Malik  Miraj Khalid was appointed the care taker Prime minister

205.          Nawaz Sharif  took oath of office of Prime Minister of Pak for second time on 1 Feb 1997

206.          The famous slogan “Qarz  Utaro Mulk Sanwaro’’was gaven by Nawaz Sharif in 1997 Second term


207.          PM set up an Ehtesab cell with Senator Saif –ur-Rehman as its chairman

208.          President Farooq Ahmad khan Laghari after dismissing Benazir Govt  promulgated Ehtesab Ordinance and appointed justice Ghulam Mujadid Mirza as the Chief Ehtesab Commissioner

209.          Chief Ehtesab Commissioner was given the mandate to start accountability from 31Dec 1985

210.          President Farooq Laghari was dismissed and Waseem Sajjad become the caretaker President of Pak in 2 Dec 1997

211.          Thirteenth & fourteenth  Amendment  were passed 1997

212.          13th  Amendment has deleted Articles 58/ B and 112 /2B from constitution and 14th Amendment Related to floor crossing and horse –trading

213.          Rafiq  Tarar become the new president of Pak in 1 Jan 1998

214.          Fifth census was held 1998

215.          Five Nuclear Explosion were conducted at Chaghi in 28 May 1998 and Pak become the Nuclear Power

216.          Sixth Nuclear Exposion were condcted at chaghi  in 30 May 1998 

217.          Nawaz sharif announced the outline of National Education Policy for next 12 year on Saturday 21st Feb 1998

218.          UN  inspectors visited the Eah ordinance  Factory under the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) in 19 Feb 1999

219.          The Indian Prime minister Mr .Atal Bihari Vajipaee Paid a visit to Pak  on 20 Feb 1999 .

220.          He came to Pak inaugural (opening) run of Delhi –Lahore Bus service

221.          Lahore Declaration between Mr. Nawaz and MR. Atal .Bihari Vajipaee in 21 Feb 1999

222.          After a few months of conclusion of MOU & Lahore declaration India tested its Agni II missile on 11 April  1999 and Pak follow its Ghauri II missile 0n 14 April 1999

223.          Shaheen Missile was test fired by Pak in 15 April 1999

224.          Kargil operation was started by Mujahideen in Kashmir in 6 May 1999

225.          MR. Nawaz Sharif  went to Washington in 4 July 1999

226.          On 12 Oct 1999 the elected Govt  of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was dissolve by Chief of Army Staff General Pervaiz

227.          Washington Decleration assign by Nawaz Sharif &  Vajipaee in  4 july 1999

228.          Jehangir Karamat become  General from  12 Jan 1996  to 07 Oct 1998  & Pervaiz Musharraf become General in 07 Oct 1998 to 28 Nov 2007

229.          Mr . Nawaz Sharif and his family to banish  (send) to Saudi Arab in 10 Dec 2000

230.          Govt. of Pakistan Banned the penalty of death below  18 years children  in 15 Jan 2001

231.          B.A degree must for member of N.A in 17 jan 2002 

232.          The Orderiance  issued  Gradation  must be compulsory for member of assembly in 23 june 2002

233.          Mrs .Shaida malik become the first woman major in 2 Feb 2002

234.          Pakistani citizen Amaan Khancy gave the sentence of death in America  15 May 2002

235.          Govt. of pak banned the marriage of innocent (kaam umar)  children in 20 Dec 2002

236.          Benazir Bhutto was murder in 27 Dec 2007 in Rawalpindi

237.          Election were held at 18 Feb 2008 in which PPPP  get  the lead

238.          Lawyer movement start in Pk in 09 March 2007

239.          Lal Mosque operation in 10 July 2007 at Islamabad

240.          Nawab Akbar Bhugti was murder  26 Aug 2006 in Balochistan  Operation

241.          Yousaf Raza took the oath by Musharraf   in 25 March 2008  and remain 2012

242.          President Asif took the oath 09 Sep 2008 by Abdul Hameed Dogar & remain Sep 2013

243.          Musharraf reigns in 18 Aug 2008

244.          Manmoon Hassian took the oath in Sep 2013 by  justice Iftikhar Muhammad

245.          American agent Remenis Davis shoot 2 Pakistani in Lahore at 2011

246.          Osama bin Laden was killed by US commander at 2 May 2011

247.          Mr Yousaf Raza  gave the extension to Gen Ashfaq Parvez of 3 years in 2010

248.          Nawaz Sharif become Prime minister at third time in June 2013

249.          The longest River of Pakistan is Indus which has length 2896 Km

250.          Abaseen is another name of River Indus

251.          Quaid-i-Azam Residency building in Ziarat was burnt in 15 June 2013

252.          League of Nation came into existence on 10 Jan 1920 its head Quarter was at Geneva in Switzerland

253.          League of Nation dissolved in 1946

254.          O.I.C was established in 1969 after burning of Masid-Aqsa in Jerusalam

255.          Second conference held  at Feb 1974 in Lahore

256.          SEATO was Establish in 1954 and  Pak also become member of SEATO in 1954

257.          Pak left /withdraw with SEATO in 7Sep 1973

258.          NATO was establish in 4 April 1949 in Washington

259.          Warsaw Pact establish in 1955 -1990

260.          Colombo plan conduct at 1 July 1951

261.          Pak become member of UNO in 30 Sep 1947

262.          Sir Jaffar khan become President of  UN Gen Assembly in 1962

263.          World bank establish 27 Dec 1945  in Washington & its head Quarter in  D.C (USA)Washington

264.          IMF  also establish 27 Dec 1945 its Headquarter in D.C USA

265.          World Trade Organization was establish in 1 Jan 1995 its Head Quarter   in Geneva

266.          Head Quarter of WHO (world health organization ) is Geneva

267.          Gen Zia-u-Rehman  of Bangladesh gave the suggestion of SAARC in 1980 it establish in Dec1985 and President Bangladesh Gen Muhammad Irshad its president

268.          ASEAN establish in Aug 18 , 1967  Pakistan also become member of ASEAN in July 2004  its head office in Bangkok in Thailand 

269.          BAGHDAD/ (CENTO) pact establish in 24 Nov 1954 and its head Quarter in BAGHDAD  

270.          Pak become member of CENTO 23 Sep 1955  and withdraw in 1979

271.          Name change after Irani Revolution in 14 July 1958 into CENTO and headquarter also change in Turkey(inkier)

272.          RCD was establish in July 1964 and headquarter in Iran (Tehran) .RCD change in ECO at Jan 1985

273.          First summit NAM was held in 1961 in Balgrade  the capital of former Yugoslavia 

274.          The head Quarter  International court of Justice  in Huge city of Nederland

275.          The Agra summit held at Agra  in Atal Bihari Vajpaee and Gen Musharraf met on 14 July 2001 ( in which Gen Musharraf did not agree to article  and termed Kashmiri Struggle as freedom struggle of the Kashmiri  mujahidinile   Vajapaee insisted that Khasmiri Mujahidin be declared ass terrorists while Musharraf called them freedom fighters

276.          The draft of 18th amendment was presented Nation Assembly for debate on 7th April 2010

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Aslam-o-alaykum how are you to all . I hope all the candidate of post of AD face same problems relevant of syllabus  and pattern of the paper and also info about paper A-1 1 or paper A- 2 . If admin you have some information about this problem kindly tell us because now we have no more time for the preparation of the paper .if anybody have some info about this kindly tell me on my no ...(Removed) or my skype id (Removed) or in the case of having some relevant useful data or notes so kindly send to me at my email (Removed) .I will be grateful to you in advance 

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A-1, A-2 is morning and evening so dont b confuse

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o what kind of joke is this?

In 2008 papers they are asking the defense budget of 2013-14?

In 2006 papers they are are asking when was latest WC was played and answers was 2010?


This is Ridiculous. . .and they guy who shared took it from some third class model paper. . .


Agreed, but this paper took from DOGER books.

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